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This award has been established in memory of Dr. Ali Dastmalchian, an inspiring, dedicated and beloved former leader to the Gustavson School of Business. Best known to all as simply “Ali”, he was one of the founding members of the School of Business and served as Dean between 2002 and 2012. He transformed the school into a pioneering centre for business education and research, shaping its evolution as a key player on the global scene. Ali had a unique ability to inspire others to dream – “If it can be dreamt, it can be done”.

The purpose of this award is to recognize alumni who have dug deep into their potential, dared to step out of their comfort zone, inspired others to collaborate, and collectively overcome significant challenges to achieve success. Selection of the alumni will be based on a notable achievement during the last year, as well as on the individual demonstrating qualities that model the Spirit of Ali; such as kindness, patience, respect, humor, collaboration, innovation and resilience. Thank you for your support.

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