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Charlie standing by a grave circle

First-hand learning at ancient sites

As her plane neared Athens, Charlie pushed her forehead to the window, searching. There was the unmistakable shape of the Parthenon. She could hardly believe that soon she would be standing on the Acropolis, viewing these ancient structures with her own eyes. The Margareta von Rudloff Travel Assistance Award made it possible for Charlie to embark on a life-changing trip.

Student and tutor at CORE

Outreach education for kids who need it most

Tyler’s mom, Rhonda, says CORE Club has restored her hopes for her son’s academic future. Watch Rhonda and Tyler explain in this video.

Ratana and Arran Stephens

Leave the earth better than you found it

This phrase has become a refrain for the Stephens family. It guides their decisions and is the ethos of the family business, Nature’s Path Organic Foods.

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Makari Espe

Video: Too good to be true

Gustavson School of Business student Makari Espe talks about what is feels like to receive a Black Press Scholarship.

Students teaching about native plants

Latest donor news

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