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Bahar Banagar

Finding a circle of support at UVic

When Bahar knocked timidly on her office door that day, Amy Chen immediately knew something was wrong. She was accustomed to the young woman’s shyness, but had never seen such panic and sadness in her light green eyes before.

“Sit down,” she said. “You look upset. What’s going on?”

Rob Poulus

A second chance

"My first go at UVic was a failure."
See how donors motivate Rob to follow his passions.

Leena Yousefi

Redefining success

A successful law alumna's past ups and downs lead her to create a student award with a twist.

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Atem Machar

Video: a lost boy's journey

When he was 12, Atem Machar's village in Sudan was attacked by gunmen. Separated from his family, he became a child soldier and refugee. Now, support from donors is helping him complete his UVic degree in Health Information Science.

Rick Mercer at UVic

Latest donor news

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