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2018 Summer Institute

Creating a "Salish Weave Circle" 

On the final day of UVic’s Indigenous Education Department (IED) Summer Institute, students are admiring each other’s handiwork. Over the past few weeks, Indigenous artist-in-residence Chris Paul has taken them through the process of making a traditional Coast Salish drum. 

Carmen Ho

Celebrating two cultures 

As a second-generation Chinese-Canadian, Carmen Ho says growing up she felt divided between two worlds, “I was speaking English at school, but at home, I was speaking Cantonese.” Carmen says “It left me feeling embarrassed at times.” 

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Video: People, nature and place inspire research 

Chris Darimont, UVic’s donor-funded Raincoast Research Chair, shows how people, nature and place inspire his team’s research in a place now called, The Great Bear Rainforest. 


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