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Donor's Digest Fall 2015
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Samantha with her two kids

A single mother's legacy

Samantha remembers the summer before she started her Master's program as one of the toughest times of her life. "Going to graduate school as a mom is very different from my undergrad as a single person," she says.

Just as she hit breaking point, a donor's legacy gave her strength to move on with her brave decision to return to school.

Matthew Gusul in India

Theatre for tsunami survivors

A scholarship helped Gus return to university to study applied theatre. He's putting that gift to good use in an Indian village that was devastated by a tsunami.

Laura playing soccer

Community rallies after tragedy

Laura's tragic death, aged 15, ended her dreams for the future. But the community rallied together, creating an athletic award in her name that will help students like Laura follow their passion for soccer.

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A student mails a thank you postcard


In the week leading to Thanksgiving students wrote and mailed postcards about what they are thankful for... you! Photos are posted on the Student Ambassador's Facebook page.

Refugees in Macedonia

Latest donor news

At giving.uvic.ca we feature a round up of news and achievements made possible by support from you and other donors to UVic.

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