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Daryl with his family

A double dose of hope

Nursing staff were a vital source of support for Daryl when his baby was critically ill. The ordeal inspired him to pursue a career change, but he faces many obstacles on the road to his nursing degree.

You're helping him face those challenges, which makes him even more certain he's on the right path.

Madeleine Stanley

Challenging the norm

Madeleine wants to write fiction that reflects the true diversity of our society. She had a financial strategy for her degree in writing, but last summer an untimely injury took work right out of the equation.

Thanks to your support, she's back on track to reach her writing goals.

Lilia Zaharieva

Responding to a void

Youth who've been in government care often lack resources for university education.

The Sisters of St. Ann decided this was the exactly the kind of void their predecessors would have responded to, and generously stepped in to fill it. 

Donor's Digest is a glimpse of what you made possible through your support. We couldn't share these stories of hope and achievement without you, because, without you, they wouldn't happen. More about your impact.
Donor with student recipients

Student-donor dinner

This spring, Humanities student recipients got to meet the donors who share in their academic journeys through funding awards.

Chair in Transgender Studies

Latest donor news

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