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Ocean Networks Canada is a world leader in ocean observing technology bringing data to the surface to advance our understanding of the ocean at a critical time. We know we need to cut emissions, but that will not be enough to meet projected 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets. Negative emission technologies like Solid Carbon are needed to mitigate climate change.

Bringing together existing technologies, Solid Carbon will capture CO2 from the atmosphere and pump it into the expansive ocean subseafloor basalt, where it will mineralize and remain permanently stored. This ambitious project brings together an international team and 100 years of CO2 capture technology to deliver a globally scalable, renewably-powered, offshore negative emissions technology (NET) by 2040 to ensure a planet habitable for humans. 

ONC is celebrating 15 years of ocean intelligence this year. We are looking for 15 Giving Tuesday donors in honour of this anniversary! Every gift made is leveraged through matching federal support. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Development Office at 250-418-5140, or by email at givingtuesday@uvic.ca. 

UVIC EMPLOYEES: If you would like to set-up a payroll deduction gift please click the link and fill out the form. 

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