Alumni Week 2017


An Evening with Julie Angus MSc '01
Dream, Dare, Do - How Adventure, Science and Entrepreneurship Became a Career

UVic Libraries 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

What do adventure, science and entrepreneurship have in common?  Growing up, an only child of immigrants from Syria and Germany, Julie could never have imagined what her career would eventually be. But that is the beauty of living in Canada, where we have the opportunity to pursue our dreams and create a career of disparate fields that satisfy our passions. Join Julie as she takes you on her adventures rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, sailing the Mediterranean with an infant and crossing Europe by rowboat.  Learn how her science background is essential to observing the environments she travels through and detailing them in her bestselling books and documentaries.  Understand why entrepreneurship is pivotal to making this career possible, from organizing expeditions to creating national film tours to forming a company to sell unique boat designs. Julie shows us how we can all do more to embrace the motif dream, dare, do and live our lives with passion and purpose.


Date: Tuesday, February 06, 2018
Time: 7:30 p.m. | Reception to Follow
Location: Bob Wright Centre, Room A104
Cost: Free 

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This event is currently SOLD OUT. If you would like to come to the event you can show up at the door and attendees will be let in on if capacity allows due to no shows. Thank you. 


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Tuesday 6 February
7:30 PM
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Sold Out
This event is currently sold out.