UVSS Foodbank

Fuel Student Success


Working Together to Support Students Experiencing Food Insecurity.

The UVSS Food Bank & Free Store provides students with basic food and necessities while working to eliminate the stigma around accessing food banks.

With the rising costs of housing, childcare and food, the UVSS Food Bank & Free Store provides undergrad and grad students with access to food and essential household items – extra resources are even made available for students supporting families.

Food security is a major public health issue in Canada and impacts a higher-than-average number of post-secondary students. In fact, approximately 40% of students at Canadian higher education institutions experiencing some degree of food insecurity – four times higher than the general Canadian population.

Access to nutritious food is a key element of mental and physical health, and the UVSS Food Bank & Free Store is a crucial resource for UVic students. Every week, hundreds of UVic students come to the Food Bank & Free Store. In the past year, demand has tripled. The Food Bank and Free Store saw over 5000 users through the summer of 2022!

If you have any questions, please contact our Development Office at 250-472-4498, or by email at givingofficer@uvic.ca.

Please note: all donations made to UVSS Food Bank through this page will receive a tax receipt.


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