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The envelope 

There are events and moments in life that stay with you.

"I was drying my hair in my parents’ room when my mom walked in and handed me an envelope,” explains Veronika Larsen. “I remember feeling so nervous as we sat down to open it together. Inside the envelope was an acceptance letter to the University of Victoria, along with a notice that she had received a Humanities Entrance Scholarship. “I don’t think I have ever been so grateful," says Veronika.

The "father" of Special Collections

The late Roger J. Bishop, the first head of the English department has left a lasting legacy at UVic as both an educator and philanthropist. "It's no exaggeration to say that transformative gifts like those from Roger Bishop help our university to keep our society alive," says the Dean of Humanities.

Taking opportunities

As William Howling prepares to spend a semester in Indonesia on an exchange, he can't help but express his excitement.

"This is a tremendous opportunity," he explains, "and it would never have been possible for me without the support of donors.

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RRLC member profiles

Have you received a postcard lately celebrating your number of consecutive giving years? Sending out these postcards is one of our most enjoyable weekly tasks. It connects us to each one of you loyal donors and your unique reasons for giving. You can read about some of those reasons on our RRLC page.

Latest donor news

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